Bluetooth Low Energy

The cosmicnode solution is built on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology. BLE technology is highly flexible, integrated, and can be tailored for multi-year battery-powered to achieve maximum innovation. BLE is available on all smartphones, tablets and smart watches and it this makes it simple and easily accessible. BLE has a higher range compared to classic BlueTooth Technology.

Wireless Mesh Network

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) supports a mesh topology for establishing many-to-many device communications. The mesh capability is optimized for creating large-scale wireless device networks and is ideally suited for building automation, sensor network, and asset tracking solutions. Bluetooth mesh networking is the most robust and powerful low-power wireless technology for connected lighting in commercial spaces and homes. Bluetooth mesh networking is poised to further catalyze beacons, robotics, energy management, smart city applications and other industrial IoT solutions.