Cosmicnode Smart Building Solution has 3 main focus areas

  • Energy Savings
  • Enhanced experience for occupants
  • Space utilization

Cosmicnode connects all the lights, sensors, switches in your building via an extremely scalable wireless Bluetooth mesh network. There by converting your entire building into Smart Building.

The result can be achieved in 3 easy steps.


Integrate your product with CNMesh firmware to make it smart and install it


Update additional products switches, sensors with CNMesh firmware and build your own MESH ecosystem and install it


Commission the lights, sensors, switches and control using a web portal or app.

Lighting Management

Complete control of all lights in your building using a web portal. A quick dashboard view showcasing lighting usage which helps in making data based decisions.

Energy Savings

Get an complete overview of lighting energy usage across your building and use this data to improve operational efficiency and costs.


Real time occupancy of people within a building, Availability of nearest free work station?

Space utilization

Get insights on occupancy within the building and understand how space is being utilized. Use these data to make better use of resources and cost savings.