Cosmicnode Mesh Firmware

Cosmicnode offers CNMesh firmware to OEM who can integrate the mesh firmware in to their product line. Cosmicnode Mesh connects and controls thousands of light units or nodes wirelessly.

Cosmicnode mesh firmware can be integrated in LED drivers, sensors, switches and many more products of your choice. There by, enabling OEM with complete ecosystem of smart lighting products and solutions.

Cosmicnode empowers OEM with a robust, reliable wireless technology and enables them to go to market


Integrate your product with CNMesh firmware to make it smart


Update additional products with CNMesh firmware and build your own MESH ecosystem


Support and Updates on firmware and App

Cosmicnode offerings to OEM

  • License based CNMesh Firmware
    • Standard firmware
    • Custom firmware
  • Cosmicnode Mesh Module with fully loaded CNMesh Firmware
  • Outsource product development

Cosmicnode offerings to OEM

License based Firmware

Cosmicnode will provide you with standard and customized firmware licenses. You have the freedom to choose your own BLE module, develop your own circuit board to be embedded in your end products.

CNMesh Module with fully loaded CNMesh Firmware

Cosmincode will offer ‘Cosmicnode Mesh Module’ with fully loaded CNMesh Firmware which can be integrated with your end product.

Outsource Product Development

  • Customized Hardware
  • Customized Firmware
  • Customized App and Web portal with complete ownership.