Cosmicnode Wireless Mesh platform selected as Winner in LEDs Magazine’s 2023 BrightStar Awards

May 23, 2023
Wireless lighting control specialists Cosmicnode is celebrating that its Wireless Mesh platform was named as a Winner in LEDs Magazine 2023 BrightStar Awards.

This awards program recognizes ingenuity in commercial product offerings across the LED and solid-state lighting supply chain, as determined by a panel of industry experts in design, manufacturing, and market development.

Cosmicnode’s wireless lighting solution enables OEMs, lighting manufacturers, integrators, and installers to easily integrate reliable and robust wireless technology into their product ecosystem. The wireless control node acts as an intelligent, interconnected data point to create a large wireless mesh network.

The mesh platform hosts a range of innovative and responsive features to automatically ensure the optimum environmental conditions for various crops. This allows growers to easily manage artificial lighting conditions for the efficient growth of plants while optimizing energy consumption.

The mesh platform also allows for both automatic and manual scheduling of grow lamps based on the crop cycle, with individual and group control depending on the size of the greenhouse, allowing for the grouping of lamps into multiple zones, and defining the right level to ensure each group has the optimum environments for growth.

The mesh platform is easy to fit, use, and maintain, offering outstanding technology with a simple interface and journey for the end user. Offsite and onsite commissioning of lamps is achieved using a simple and intuitive app, and a standalone web application can control and monitor lamps locally. Data collection alerts to lamp failures for predictive maintenance,
which can be upgraded and maintained wirelessly. Single nodes can be seamlessly replaced, rather than replacing the entire system.

Each BrightStar Awards entry is evaluated across several criteria including energy efficiency, and the role the solution plays in advancing new or existing applications. A team of expert judges have worked together to determine the overall score when marked against the set criteria.

Cosmicnode is exhibiting at LightFair and can be found on booth 1662 in the Technology Pavilion. Visitors to the booth will be able to explore and interact with Cosmicnode’s new Infinity IoT platform which is being launched to the US market at LightFair.

Sharan Avati, Founder and CEO at Cosmicnode, commented: I am thrilled and honoured to announce that Cosmicnode has been awarded LED Magazine’s Bright Star Award!

This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent of our incredible team. We are immensely proud of our team members who have consistently gone above and beyond to deliver outstanding results and contribute to our success.

Receiving the LED Magazine’s Bright Star Award highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation in Horticulture Lighting Control Industry. It serves as a significant milestone in our journey, showcasing our position as a front runner in the industry and a trusted partner for our valued customers.

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to every member of our team who has played a role in achieving this incredible accomplishment. Without your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence, this recognition would not have been possible

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Quality of Service(QoS)

The best-in-class Quality of Service (QoS) – bandwidth and latency for a wireless mesh network depends on the specific application. Cosmicnode wireless mesh network designed for high-performance applications such as real-time control and monitoring.

Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update

supports device Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates over the mesh network. This means that firmware updates can be pushed to all devices on the network without the need to manually update each device individually. OTA can be performed even if some of the devices on the network are offline.

Bi-directional communication

Near real-time bidirectional communication is a type of communication that allows data to be transmitted and received in both directions with minimal latency. This makes it ideal for applications where it is important to have a quick response time, such as real-time control and monitoring.

Efficiency & Collision Avoidance

Cosmicnode wireless mesh network uses a proprietary routing algorithm designed for efficiency and collision avoidance. This algorithm is based on a number of factors, including the distance between nodes, the quality of the links between nodes, and the current traffic load on the network. It is designed to find the most efficient path for data packets to travel. 

No Single Point of Failure

All mesh nodes in a network can communicate with each other directly, without the need for a central bridge or coordinator. This decentralized communication structure makes mesh networks highly resilient to failures and capable of scaling to large numbers of nodes. Every mesh node can be configured as a transmitter and a receiver, and can forward data packets to other nodes in the network.

Lowest single hop latency

Cosmicnode wireless mesh network has a single hop latency of 15ms. This is the time it takes for a data packet to travel from one mesh node to another. This is a very low latency, which makes Cosmicnode ideal for applications such as real-time control and monitoring.
  •   Efficient routing algorithms: Cosmicnode uses efficient routing algorithms to quickly find the best path for data packets to travel.
  •   Adaptive channel selection: Cosmicnode uses adaptive channel selection to choose the best channel for data transmission based on current conditions.

Highly reliable and scalable

A distributed, highly reliable, scalable, and bidirectional wireless mesh network is a type of network that is designed to be resilient to failures and to be able to handle a large number of devices. It is also designed to be able to communicate in both directions, which makes it ideal for applications such as real-time control and monitoring.

Multi Radio Technology BLE and 2.4GHz

Cosmicnode wireless mesh network uses BLE and 2.4GHz in a complementary way. BLE is used for low-power communication and mesh networking, while 2.4GHz is used for high-bandwidth communication. This combination of technologies allows the Cosmicnode wireless mesh network to provide a highly reliable, low latency, and scalable solution for a wide range of applications. BLE BLE is a low-power wireless technology that is well-suited for wireless mesh networks. BLE has a number of advantages for mesh networks, including:
  •  Low power consumption: BLE devices consume very little power, which is important for mesh networks where devices may be battery powered.
  •  Short-to-mid range: BLE devices can have a range of up to 100 meters in ideal conditions. This makes BLE suitable for mesh networks where devices may be spread out over a large area.
  •  Mesh networking support: BLE supports mesh networking out of the box, making it easy to create mesh networks with BLE devices.  
2.4GHz 2.4GHz is a high-bandwidth wireless technology that is well-suited for applications that require high data throughput. 2.4GHz has a number of advantages for mesh networks, including: High bandwidth: 2.4GHz devices can support data rates of up to 250 kbps. This makes 2.4GHz suitable for mesh networks where devices need to transfer large amounts of data, such as real-time video or audio. Long range: 2.4GHz devices can have a range of up to 1000 meters in ideal conditions. This makes 2.4GHz suitable for mesh networks where devices may be spread out over a large area.

System Integrators and Installers

Cosmicnode lighting control system is easy to install and commission. Integration with wide range of lighting control products and accessories from different manufacturers and vendors. Offer third party integration API’s and gateways (supported protocols Modbus, SDDP, MQTT, Rest API). Mobile app SDK for custom app development or integration to existing app eco-system.