Cosmincode has collaborated with Stogger, Dutch Medical university and Medical Professionals to come up with VentilatorPal, a low-cost, open-source #ventilator that can be bought or built by the global community to treat #COVID19 patients with severe respiratory problems. The ventilator was designed by the #opensource community. Without compromising on quality, it can be built quickly and easily by anyone with basic tools and technical skills. “What the world needs right now is a simple, affordable and effective ventilator. VentilatorPAL is available to individuals, governments and medical professionals across the globe. The ventilator automates the manual resuscitators commonly found in medical clinics and offers two interfaces for ease of use The first is a physical interface on the VentilatorPal that allows #medical professionals to determine three basic, but crucial settings, which are Tidal Volume, Inhale/Exhale ratio and Respiratory Rate. In addition, there is a simple and intuitive phone app (currently only for Android) that provides access to additional settings. These include the length and gender of the patient, which means non-medical personnel could use the VentilatorPal.

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