cosmicnode offers grouping of lights and allow one light to be part of multiple groups at a time After grouping all lights can be controlled together. At group level it is possible to On/Off, Adjust brightness, Color Temperature (CCT) and Colors.

Smart Scenes

Scenes are the best way to control a group of lights to create a perfect ambience.You can group multiple lights in a single scene to create a specific mood by setting individual lights in the group to desired brightness and color.

Live Scenes

Switch between multiple scenes in a cyclic fashion to create a live experience of lighting. User can configure duration of a scene, fade time and frequency.


Change color of the light from your smartphone based on the mood. Supports 16 Million colors.

Color Temperature

Offers tunable white light which user can control from smartphone or wireless switch. Allows user to adjust the color temperature from warm white to cool white and vice versa.

Motion Sensor

Wireless motion sensor will turn on lights automatically on human motion detection and turn off the lights when there is no motion. Wireless sensors makes the installation easier and portable.

Calendar & Timer

Schedule the lighting behavior based on the daily routine. Schedules can be configured at group level and individual lamp level to trigger actions.

Wake up & Night Mode

Automatically dim down the lights before bed time and simulate the sunrise by setting the wake up and bedtime using your smartphone.


Supports creating large network of lights that can be controlled from an app. Turn on/off, adjust the brightness and color temperature from the App or Switch.

Real-Time Status

Monitor the live status of Individual lamps and Groups from your smartphone. Each light in the network reports On/Off status, Brightness level and Online status to the App.