Cosmicnode Mesh Firmware

Cosmicnode offers customized firmware which can be installed by OEM and manufacturers in their components.

CNMesh firmware can be integrated in LED drivers, sensors, switches, gateway and many more. There by, enabling OEM and Manufacturers with complete ecosystem of smart lighting products which wirelessly communicate with each other.

Cosmicnode empowers OEM with a robust, reliable wireless technology and enables them to go to market quicker.

Cosmicnode Mesh Module

Cosmicnode provides certified Ready-to-Integrate Bluetooth Radio Module with built-in Cosmicnode Mesh firmware. We provide highly customizable firmware to meet the highly complex and demanding applications. Features include:

  • Chip integrates with a power balanced 32-bit MCU
  • 64kB SRAM
  • 512kB internal Flash
  • 14bit ADC with PGA
  • Analog and digital microphone input
  • 6-channel PWM
  • Bluetooth low energy (up to Bluetooth 5)
  • BLE Mesh
  • 2.4GHz proprietary standard

Cosmicnode Mesh Ecosystem

CNMesh firmware can be integrated with various devices including

LED drivers
Smart Socket