Cosmicnode Lighting Management Solution

End-to-End Solution for Connected Lighting

Cosmicnode has developed a complete end to end wireless Bluetooth mesh technology which will enable our partners and their customers to adopt to connected lighting solution. Our wireless mesh technology is designed and suitable for large scale installations for enterprises, buildings and commercial environments.

The CNMesh powered devices are smart on their own and only connected when needed. An Internet connection is not necessary for normal operation, it is just needed for remote controlling, monitoring and managing via Cloud services.

Such self-organizing wireless mesh network can control a large number of fixtures from any point. It also allows for firmware updates over the network, allowing any kind of changes to be made over-the-air. In this kind of fully distributed and symmetric architecture, any unit can go offline and catch up from others when they return back online.

Our solution comprises of simple commissioning tool (via android or iOS app) on your phone or tablet and a web portal for real-time monitoring and control.

System Overview

Commissioning made SIMPLE

Cosmicnode has defined a simple commissioning procedure which comprises of planning and deployment. No need of special training or engineering expertise.

Planning stage comprises of understanding the floor plan from customer and carried out before visiting the site.

Based on the customer requirement, following actions can be taken:

  • Group the lights into different zones
  • Define lighting behavior and scenarios
  • Add sensors, switches, routers to these zones depending on requirements

Implementation is made very simple as the lighting network and scenarios is already defined. The devices needs to be installed on site and follow a simple step-by-step process for commissioning the lights using a smart phone/tablet.

Monitoring and Control

Cosmicnode Monitoring software application is highly robust and provides insights on status of lights, energy consumption and advanced lighting control capabilities.